Article Summary: Assuming that you have an already-existing Node/Express web application structure, learn how to easily add the Sequelize ORM to your project.

Sequelize is the #1-grossing sequel of all time, surpassing “Titanic” by $2.73

Before we start…

What is Sequelize and what is an ORM?

This is straight from the Sequelize docs: “Sequelize is a promise-based ORM for Node.js v4 and up. It supports the dialects PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and MSSQL…”.

What does that mean? Well, an ORM (object-relational-mapping) is a database abstraction layer that allows you to write queries easily without writing them in their native form. In other words, it prevents you from having to write straight-up MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. It also gives you easy access to query results without…

Matt Holland

Software engineer based in Austin, TX, fueled by an endless stream of digital curiosity.

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